I am F.A.T. (Fearless and Truthful!)


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scaleSurprise!! I bet you are smiling right now:-) I am – because I am not ashamed to say it….. I AM F.A.T.! FEARLESS AND TRUTHFUL!

F.A.T. has new meaning for me since my annual visit to the “ladies doctor” included the step-on-the-scale moment of truth! My home scale has been hidden for months since it became a mood-modifying tool and even though I closed my eyes while on the doctor’s balance-beam scale – my sharp mind could easily figure out the numbers by the sounds of those sliders! The real moment of truth came when I saw the actual number of my fluffy body weight written on my chart……

SURPRISE!!! I was not sad, disappointed or shocked!! My first thought: The truth sets you free. I smiled and said “OK, now it’s time for wisdom. Help me, Lord, to wisely use the knowledge I have.” I felt a fearless courage rise up in me to forge ahead and boldly tell you all about it!

Then, the revelation: I AM F.A.T. — FEARLESS AND TRUTHFUL!

So, this is my first F.A.T. act – to declare it out loud and blog about it! I can say it and share it with you. I AM F.A.T.!
The outside fluffy stuff will shrink as the inside FEARLESS AND TRUTHFUL stuff gets bigger!

I am not afraid of those words anymore and I can honestly say that I am not ashamed to say it anymore:

Please be gentle with your comments – this new found courage is still a tender spot and I can feel the butterflies….here goes!


“Write, for these words are true and faithful” rev 21:5

Just write. Empty my brain, pour out my heart and put my voice on paper!? Just write. Feels like cliff diving! Just write. I have been on the launch pad so long, not sure how to take off without exploding!

So, here I am, in the zero-dark-hundred hours that I find so peaceful and inspirational…….beginning to let my voice and heart go on this blank page of a blog that has been patiently waiting since my last attempt at beginning.

“Write, for these words are true and faithful” This is my inspiration and my guidepost. I have such respect for the written word. Sometimes the knowledge that the pages live beyond the mortality of the writer overwhelm me. I am not sure I want my words to live that long. What if I change my mind or discover I was wrong? Do I really want my shortcomings and failed attempts recorded for my future grandkids to read? (deep sigh & shaking head)

So, this morning, I begin to let my voice flow in truth. I promise to jump over the hurdles and continue in my journey of authentically “page speaking” by putting my voice on paper.

Today’s truth for me: Just write.

My Cornucopia


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A symbol of abundance……my cornucopia is filled with love, family, joy and expectancy of daily blessing & grace!  Here is one for you to fill with everything you are grateful for…..gratitude is an attitude that will maximize the positive and minimize the negative in our lives……..     

I choose gratefulness….today and every day!


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My very first blog!

I am so excited you are reading my first blog!  I have such respect for the written word and I hope to use this blog as a vehicle for my voice to share my thoughts, opinions, ideas and challenges.  

I am a visual learner and choosing the look of the blog was my first challenge.  I loved the look of one theme that had a simple crystal pen in the corner – I love crystal and I will be writing a blog…..but it was a bit too stark for me. 

The header I chose tells you what I love to do–walk, talk, share and appreciate beauty in our surroundings.  I love the hallways that take us to classrooms, libraries, historical sites, museums, hospital rooms, and interesting places outside our home-base.

I am glad you are joining me in my quest to discuss, discover, diologue and dissect!  Let’s use our voices to explore, exhort, encourage and edify one another – BLOG ON!