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Why pie? @DebiJHolliday.com

Why pie? @DebiJHolliday.com

It’s 2 am and I’m baking a pie

I think I know why I’m baking a pie


I’m watching Junk Gypsies with Amy & Jolie

They visit Pie Haven with Miranda, all three


Three gypsifying girls sharing giggles and dreams

Making memories and blessings for Mama’s Airstream


I felt the love when I saw them share pie

Joyful celebration is why I baked pie


Holiday memories and aroma of pie baking

Family is coming and memories in the making


My Mom and my Gram taught me filling and crust

Rolling and fork-pinching edges a must!


I kept the tradition and I always baked pie

For my kids I made memories of family and pie


When my sisters stopped coming for pie at my table

My kids missed their aunts so I told them a fable


One day they will knock and I will make tea

Together again, the sisters, all three


We will feel love when we share a pie

A reminder of hope, that is why I baked pie