I never intended to publish this photo, it is a personal reminder of how safe I feel in the palm of His hand. I know there is dancing and celebrating going on in the background….but I am focused on the quietness and confidence of His Truth that prevails and His love that remains. Sharing this photo is my voice in the midst of all the shouting that is going on today.

I hear rejoicing voices, fearful voices and angry voices – all shouting about laws, courts, and cultural change.  I also hear silence……which can be louder than the shouting.  I just wanted to say that in the midst of new laws and cultural changes I know God’s love is relentless and His Truth does not change.

I am not fearful. There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear. I know God’s love is perfect and I will do my best to love my neighbor His way.

I am not a judge – I am just a Truth talker who did not want to be silent.

*note: I capitalize Truth as a personal reminder of “I Am…”