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I am often inspired in the zero-dark-hundred hours of early morning when all is quiet and I watch arts programs recorded for such a time as this.

Today I was inspired by fellow Jersey girl, Maria Mazziotti Gillan’s reading of her poem Arturo as I watched New Jersey’s State of the Arts poetry festival at NJ Pac.  It is a poem that tells her personal Italian-American story of reckoning as she reclaims her name from Marie to Maria and her declaration of her father’s name as Arturo, not Arthur.

I began to stir up my own memories of poems written in childhood and most recently in times of turmoil. I wondered if the writing voice I have been searching for was one of a poet. So, I followed my usual path of researching terms and techniques but quickly realized that I did not want any more voices in my head! “Just write!” I said to myself.

However, I must confess I did take one of those online quizzes “which poet are you?” and was pleasantly surprised when I got these results….

Which Famous Poet Are You?

  1. You got: Maya Angelou

    You’re a natural leader with confidence and wisdom – people learn a lot whenever they talk to you. You also aren’t afraid to talk about larger issues that really matter, and can use a personal story to really bring people around to your point of view.Getty / Kris Connor

So for anyone else who may be wondering if you have a poet inside…… I dedicate this poem to you.  It is my own attempt at self-discovery and declaration, HAPPY MONDAY!

The Piquant Provoker 

By Deborah J. Holliday

June 1, 2015

 I think I am a poet

I love to tell stories and paint pictures with words


I think I am a prophet

I love to dream dreams and share visions of Truth


I think I am a prompter

I love to inspire introspection and ignite personal passion


I think I am a professor

I love to boldly declare my beliefs and use my voice to help others find theirs


In the end, I hope I am a “piquant provoker”….


One who uses her words to add sparkle and spice

that sharpens emotions and stimulates life

One who uses her voice to help others find theirs

so they can find Truth and boldly declare:


“I am a poet, a prophet, a prompter, professor,

and I believe I AM (is) enough for me!”

*Thank you for reading all the way down and sharing my morning musings! xoxo DJ