Just write. Empty my brain, pour out my heart and put my voice on paper!? Just write. Feels like cliff diving! Just write. I have been on the launch pad so long, not sure how to take off without exploding!

So, here I am, in the zero-dark-hundred hours that I find so peaceful and inspirational…….beginning to let my voice and heart go on this blank page of a blog that has been patiently waiting since my last attempt at beginning.

“Write, for these words are true and faithful” This is my inspiration and my guidepost. I have such respect for the written word. Sometimes the knowledge that the pages live beyond the mortality of the writer overwhelm me. I am not sure I want my words to live that long. What if I change my mind or discover I was wrong? Do I really want my shortcomings and failed attempts recorded for my future grandkids to read? (deep sigh & shaking head)

So, this morning, I begin to let my voice flow in truth. I promise to jump over the hurdles and continue in my journey of authentically “page speaking” by putting my voice on paper.

Today’s truth for me: Just write.