I am so excited you are reading my first blog!  I have such respect for the written word and I hope to use this blog as a vehicle for my voice to share my thoughts, opinions, ideas and challenges.  

I am a visual learner and choosing the look of the blog was my first challenge.  I loved the look of one theme that had a simple crystal pen in the corner – I love crystal and I will be writing a blog…..but it was a bit too stark for me. 

The header I chose tells you what I love to do–walk, talk, share and appreciate beauty in our surroundings.  I love the hallways that take us to classrooms, libraries, historical sites, museums, hospital rooms, and interesting places outside our home-base.

I am glad you are joining me in my quest to discuss, discover, diologue and dissect!  Let’s use our voices to explore, exhort, encourage and edify one another – BLOG ON!